Introduction to Specialty Care, LLC (SCLLC)

SCLLC is a physician-owned specialist network that operates as a management services organization focused on medical and surgical specialties.

SCLLC’s mission is to provide private practice specialists with opportunities to group together in dealing with managed care, financial risk, and revenue generation as allowed under the law, while at the same time using their collective efforts to form shared practice management services and programs. This is done in an atmosphere that allows SCLLC physicians a certain degree of autonomy in their practices that they could not maintain if they were wholly owned by a larger organization. SCLLC’s role often becomes one of educator and innovator for its member practices on complex issues.

SCLLC’s member practices are located in Eastern Massachusetts, primarily in the greater Boston area. The central office for SCLLC is at One Washington Mall, STE 1103, Boston, MA 02108. The Executive Director, an employee of SCLLC, maintains a central office that serves approximately 400 physicians. The physicians are from over 120 practices. The governing board of SCLLC and the Executive Director, together with input from its member physicians and managers, make and implement decisions regarding the programs that are offered to the membership.

Downloadable Documents

From Risk Management to Medicare eRX and PQRS documents.

Member Physicians

Approximately 400 physicians in 120 practices participate in SCLLC.

Management Services & Programs

Examples include the SCLLC supply purchasing program and the SCLLC human resource management program.

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